The Max Property

The Max property consists of 40 claims (603 claim units) with an area of 90.85 km and is located in the Norton-McFaulds Lake Area of Northern Ontario. The property can be found approximately 54 km west of Marten Falls First Nation at Ogoki Post, Ontario and approximately 115 km south of Noront’s Eagle One discovery.

The property is a joint venture currently held 40.9% by Rainy Mountain Royalty Corp. and 59.1% by Great Lakes Resources LLC.

This claim group was staked in January-February 2008 to cover a number of mafic intrusion 18 km south of the Ox property and 80 km southeast of the Norton Lake project. Regional magnetic surveys flown in 2003 have identified 4 possible mafic bodies now covered by the property. A detailed helicopter borne VTEM and magnetic survey was flown in April 2008 based from Ogoki Post, the nearest airstrip to the property located 45 km to the east of Max.

Two VTEM anomaly sites were found on the north portion of the property, one associated with a dike-like feature extending south from a mafic intrusion called Wabassi II. A more interesting 700 m long conductor was found in the centre of a discrete magnetic body interpreted to be a layered ultramafic body. This conductor was deep, being 200-400 m below surface.

A strong formational conductor was found at the south end of the property with 2, 200 m long sections being thick and having high conductivity massive sulphide characteristics. These sit on the south margin of a large zoned intrusion, in a Norton style setting (iron formation and gabbro in contact).